Quotes from our Recipients

Across the Country

 “Thank you so much for the donation of 100 DVDs to our Pediatric Department.  It was almost like Christmas going through the collection.  What a wonderful mix of old classics and new movies.  We really appreciate what you are doing for the little patients in hospitals across the nation.”  – Phyllis Bradley, Director Women & Children’s Department, Camden Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg, West Virginia

“We have been asking all over for movies and you are the first kind people to provide us with any.”
~ Aramita Tellado, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at New York Presbyterian 

“Having these movies to keep the children occupied helps in so many ways. The more children can be distracted from their illnesses, the quicker they can heal.”
~ Deb Goncalves, Washakie Medical Center, Worland, Wyoming

“The patients at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital enjoy watching movies, and often they have family and other visitors that enjoy the movies with them.”
~ Kerstin Barney, Huntsman Cancer Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah

“The Child Life Department here at Mass General Hospital for Children relies primarily on outside donations; therefore, it was such a treat to be able to offer more movies to our patients.”
~ Ashley Reardon, Mass General Hospital for Children, Boston, Massachusetts

“Many of our patients are often with us for extended periods of time while they receive the finest medical and rehabilitative care. You may be assured that your donation will bring the children enjoyment.”
~ Sheldon Stein, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

“The great donation of movies was already distributed between Pediatric Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Thanks to your donation, our movie selection is much bigger and our pediatric patients have more choices to pick from. Many of the children can now watch their favorite movies while they are hospitalized.”
~ Joanna Jaskot, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, Paterson, New Jersey

“We think Kid Flicks is a wonderful idea, and it is admirable that you thought of such a wonderful way to help children have a more enjoyable hospital stay….[the manager] of our Child Life Department has given me very positive feedback from the children who have been watching and enjoying the DVDs.”
~ Grace Copeland, Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami, Florida

“Your donations came at a very opportune time; we were in desperate need of movies for the patients in our unit….they provided an avenue for distraction from hospital rigors, i.e. shots, uncomfortable procedures, long periods of boredom, etc….they were of particular benefit to our patients in the intensive care unit because of their inability to leave the unit.”
~ Martha Alvarez, white Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles, California

“Your gifts will make a hospital stay easier for many young patients, and their families will be touched by your kindness.”
~ Patrice Brylske, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Baltimore, Maryland

“We were so delighted to receive such a wide assortment of movies for all age groups. Our pediatric patients love to watch movies and we are thrilled to now have such a large selection for them to choose from.”
~ Georgina Manning, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, Bakersfield, California

“The hospital setting is often frightening and lonely for children. Sometimes hospitalized children and families feel like the world goes on outside the hospital walls, and that they are forgotten. It means so much when individuals like you think of them, and provide resources to help fill the long hours in the hospital.”
~ Shannon Minton-Joslin, University of Maryland Hospital for Children, Baltimore, Maryland

“I cannot begin to describe to you the level of impact that [your donation] has made on the patients and their families during their hospital stay. With your donation, we are now able to offer a wider selection of movies, especially for our teenagers…you ladies are a great role model for others.”
~ Stephanie Boudreau, Chris Evert Children’s Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“The [movies] are being used to make a number of children of all ages very happy! It is because of people like you that we in the Child Life Department are able to bring so many smiles to the faces of our patients and their families.”
~ Lauren McCann, Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center, Memphis, Tennessee

“Thank you so much for the fantastic donation of movies you sent to our hospital. Our Child Life Department depends on donations to stock our playrooms and to allow us to provide our patients and families with age appropriate forms of entertainment and distraction. Your wonderful donation will touch so many of our family’s lives. The movies were immediately spread out to every floor of our hospital and our Child Life Specialists were so excited as they looked through the two huge boxes!”
~ Lindsay Damron, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia

“Thank you for the movie library that you so generously sent to us. It has enhanced the variety of movies we have so that we can have a movie for every type of child….people like you make our job much easier.”
~ Child Life Staff, the Children’s Hospital at The Medical Center of Central Georgia, Macon, Georgia

“This is sent with all the appreciation in sending a ‘movie library’ to children with developmental disabilities and life-threatening illnesses. The movies have been a blessing and a great way to help children with medical challenges forget their pain, treatments, or other ways that might make them feel isolated or with trials.”
~ Elaine Tillman, Recovering Wishes For Families, Ash Grove, Missouri

“As you know, the hospital can be a very scary, boring place. Having movies helps distract children from their pain and ease the boredom some children feel while in the hospital.”
~ Judi Martin, University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky

“[The movies] were much needed and have already been put to great use. One of our teen patients responded with a huge smile when I informed him that we have some new videos for him to choose from–he has been hospitalized for several days and has seen everything in our small selection of ‘teen videos.’ “
~ Amy Huebner, Methodist Children’s Hospital of South Texas, San Antonio, Texas